Advance survival course

Advanced survival training

Do you think you already know a lot about survival? That you are prepared for any eventuality? That you can handle any situation?

We present training that didn’t happen before.

It is addressed to the participants of our trainings, who have a basic knowledge of survival and want to develop their skills further.Our new training will allow you to reach the heights of survival techniques and perform in the real unexpected situations.

Together with your colleagues you will play as a group of tourists who had just lost in the woods. It is night and backpacks with equipment were left in the camp. You got only the most important items with you…

It will be the begin of a two-day advanced training conducted in the Jura Kraków Czestochowa  (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).

The training program will include:

  • advanced field navigation (can you outline the cardinal directions through field objects? Ok well, and how many kilometers have you walked on so chosen azimuth?)
  • advanced fire starting techniques (what will you do when there’s no matches and tinder?)
  • construction of shelters in unusual conditions work with a certain number of survival tools (you will need to build a shelter with a knife only)
  • prepare food of animal origin
  • construction of survival tools
  • emergency call systems and signaling


Training assumptions

The participant shows up on training dressed in a freely chosen outfit. He or she can carry 10 things which you find the most useful during survival tasks, including accommodation and march. During the two days you will have to perform tasks from the PLAN system, using only your objects. A nature and the task will not be convenient. Our goal will not be fatigue the participants by all night marching;) This is not selection. This is the training where you learn to work under the pressure of weather, time and conditions.

You alone will decide if you survive. Training is to be a real check of your skills while performing simple tasks based on the minimum amount of equipment. The training will take place based on a specially prepared scenario, which will vary depending on the decision of the participants. YOU alone will decide what you will do, where to sleep and what to eat. We guarantee, however, often surprises that will affect your decisions!

The brave are only invited!!!:)

It is a training designed for people who have undergone: The full survival training in the European conditions – 2 days

The training is finished with a certificate signed by the International Outdoor Federation.

After signing up for the training you will be given details about the place and route collection.

– Training takes place from Friday evening to Sunday in the close areas of Częstochowa (Biskupice – Olsztyn). During the training you will need to walk from 10 to 12 km per day.

Boarding – no

  • A full medical coverage at the time of exercises.
  • You may opt out of the training at any time.